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Everybody loves field trips! Our Cultural program is the favorite of students who want to get to know the city of Quito and the culture of Ecuador while maximizing their time learning and practicing Spanish. Over our 20 years of experience in Quito, we have developed a large selection of excursions to showcase everything that the city has to offer.  During these excursions, Vida Verde’s teachers will be your guide, imparting their knowledge as natives of Ecuador and teaching you Spanish on the fly. Through the Cultural program, you will experience the city through the eyes of a local and leave Quito with an in-depth knowledge of the city; its history, its people, and its unique culture.

What is included:

  • A professional Spanish teacher from Vida Verde as a guide
  • Excursions to the most popular locations in Quito (3 per week for a total of 10 hours)
  • All entrances to museums and locations
  • All transportation: private or public depending on the excursion

Many students combine our cultural program in the afternoon with our regular classes in the morning!

Day 1

Historic Center: The center of Quito is truly the pride and joy of all Quiteños. It is widely recognized as the best-preserved and most famous historic center in all of Latin America. In this tour you will discover the most significant attractions, walking around the plazas and visiting the beautiful churches.

Day 2

Fundación Guayasamín: This art museum is a one of a kind tribute to the people of Latin America. It features the collection of Oswaldo Guayasamín, the world-renowned Ecuadorian painter, which he donated to the city of Quito. Here you will visit Guayasmín’s personal home and the famous Capilla del Hombre. The Fundación Guayasamín is a must for anyone who wants to tap into the culture and art of Ecuador and Latin America.

Day 3

Itchimbia: The perfect way to get a bird’s eye view of the City of Quito. This park is located an the top of a hill near the Historic Center, giving it’s visitors a 360 degree view of the city. Here you will enjoy views of the city, walk through the park, visit a garden and check out the Crystal Palace.

Day 1

Quito Botanical Gardens: Soak in the peace and tranquility of the Botanical Gardens. Your teacher will lead you through the gardens, pointing out the plants that are typical to Ecuador and explaining their various functions. You will get to know plants from all the different zones of Ecuador.

Day 2

Casa de Sucre: This museum gives a panoramic view of the independence of all of Latin America and one of its most famous liberators, Antonio José de Sucre. The museum is located in Sucre’s antique house in the middle of the Historic Center. Here, you will learn about his life and work, and the grand history of the era.

Day 3

Mindalae Museum: The Mindalae Musuem is an extraordinary exposition of the Culture of Ecuador. Throughout the museum’s three floors, you will embark on a journey to understand Ecuadorian culture, from the precolumbian era until present day. Also, you will be immersed in the worldview of the Shamanic culture. After leaving Mindalae, you will have a greater understanding of the historical underpinnings which have formed the present Ecuadorian culture.

Day 1

The Santa Clara Market: This market is an excellent example of a traditional market of Quito. Here you will find a variety of products of Ecuador including fruit, vegetables, meats, flowers, and traditional dishes. While at the market, you will learn about the various foods, practice the art of negotiating prices, and visit shops to learn about shamanism.

Day 2

Rumipamba: This park combines the beauty of a well-preserved ecological park with the history of an archeological dig site.  Here you will be exposed to a wide variety of flora and fauna exclusive to the Andean region while you tour what remains of the ancient culture of Quito.  You will learn about the first ancestors of Quito; their way of life and the history of their civilization. Apart from this, you will enjoy the fresh air and the view of the city.

Day 3

Museo Abya Yala: This museum is a tribute to the indigenous tribes of the Ecuadorian Jungle, past and present. Throughout the museum, you will learn about their culture, traditions, and history. The museum demonstrates the tribe’s unique relationship with the flora and fauna of the Amazon. You will also get to see and learn about the famous tzantzas- a mystic process of reducing the heads of enemies in order to capture their souls.

You can choose the week or weeks which are most appealing to you!

We can design special programs for families and large groups. Contact us if you have a special type of group.

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