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Mindo is a very small village in the middle of the cloud forest, about 1 ½ hours north of Quito. It is known for its extraordinary nature and outdoor activities, as well as the beautiful landscape with its many waterfalls, rivers and the deep jungle.

Sights and Activities



There are a few different butterfly farms that offer the experience, but the biggest and most known one is “Mariposario”. It offers the chance to learn more about the incredible diversity of butterflies: In a wide, from nets surrounded area, you can observe and feed all kinds of Butterflies! They will land on you and a guide will explain many interesting facts about their lives and habitat.


El Quetzal

El Quetzal is a café-restaurant in the center of Mindo. It is widely known for its amazing, homemade brownies. The secret behind the amazingness is the chocolate: The café produces its own, from growing the beans to the final product! Therefore, they offer chocolate tours around their property, showing all the different steps of the chocolate production – including a tasting in the end!



Tubing is a very fun outdoor activity on one of the rivers in the surrounding area. You sit in a tube that is connected to a few others and then follow the river for a few kilometers – through many wild rafts and waves!