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Vida Verde beyond a classroom!

With Vida Verde you can get to know Quito and learn Spanish hands-on at the same time. Our teachers take teaching further and explore markets, museums and Quito's secret gems with you!

Pictures taken on Excursions


Legal Notice

Some or all of these activities are operated by experienced and legally constituted travel agencies.

Get out into the green!


On weekends, students usually look forward to getting out of town and visiting some of the sites outside of Quito. The school organizes weekend trips. The excursions are not part of the academic program though students will have plenty of opportunity to practice Spanish. Vida Verde has years of experience in organizing trips and the trip options have grown to be quite extensive. The following is just a selection:


  • World famous Otavalo Market
  • Laguna Quilotoa (volcanic crater lake) and Zumbagua Market
  • Cotopaxi National Park (highest active volcano in the world!)
  • Hot springs at Papallacta (numerous hiking possibilities as well)
  • Mindo Cloud Forest Reserve
  • Pasochoa Cloud Forest Reserve
  • Trip to Baños