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Direct Contact

You can reach us directly by using the Skype button below (opens a chat window) or by submitting the form on the left side of this page. Please note that there is a separate form for registering for classes and accomodation.

Contact Information

Vida Verde Spanish School
Madrid E13-137 y Lugo
P.O.BOX: 17 03 600
Quito, Ecuador

Telephone: (+593-2)-2524333

Skype: vidaverde

e-mail: info@vidaverde.com

Are you in Quito?

Use the map to find us! We are always happy to show you around our Spanish school!


Emergency Contact

In case of emergency you can reach Rosa, our General Manager, 24 hours a day on her mobile phone:

099 803 7473

From abroad call +593 998 03 7473.

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