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Pictures from Yarina Lodge


Prices & Offers

PricesSee prices and services for the Coast and Jungle Study Programs and find out about other prices and services.

What is included?

Included in the Coca Study Program is:

  • round-trip Quito - Coca
  • round-trip Coca to the Yarina lodge
  • meals and accomodation (full board)
  • 18 hours (one week) of Spanish lessons plus...
  • your teacher's attention whenever you need it!
  • local expert guides

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What to bring

As you would expect the jungle is hot, humid and rainy. Therefore, light clothing that dries quickly is recommended (synthetic materials typically perform better than cotton in this regard). We provide rubber boots (up to size 12 American, 44 European) and life jackets. Bring the following:

  • ORIGINAL passport: the security checkpoint en route does not accept copies
  • shorts and long pants (preferably not cotton jeans)
  • t-shirts and long-sleeved shirts
  • raincoat or poncho
  • bathing suit
  • insect repellent
  • sunblock (!!!) and sun hat
  • flashlight
  • binoculars for viewing wildlife
  • trash bags for keeping things dry
  • camera

Study Spanish in Coca

Yarina Lodge close to Yasuní­ National ParkLearn Spanish on the shores of Rio Napo! Yarina Tours is a reliable partner providing access to their eco-lodge and cabins close to Yasuní­ National Park. Yarina is a member of the Yuturi Conservation Group, an organization managing rainforest conservation projects with funding from national and international NGO's. They now are running one of the most renown wildlife rescue center in the Ecuadorian Rain Forest.


This 5-day Program takes you deep into the Rain Forest following the course of Rio Napo towards the Amazon Basin. A motor canoe leaves the point of entry, town of Coca and takes participants downstream on Rio Napo for 25km. The Yarina cabins are close to the famous Yasuní­ National Park, in the middle of lush green endless vegetation. The area has been designated as a cultural reservation for indigenous Quichuas.

Highlights of the Coca Program:

  • 18 hours of Spanish lessons with our teachers
  • experience Amazonia's particular flora and fauna
  • learn about the medicinal plants of the rainforest
  • meet a local indigenous family
  • learn how to use a blowdart gun
  • experience hikes through Amazonia

Activities and the study program schedules are flexible! Changes can be made according to participant's wishes and weather conditions.

Study Program Details


Time Description
9 pm Departure from Quito on Sunday night by bus
6.30 am Arrival in Coca; breakfast
8 am Departure for Yarina Lodge
11 am Arrival and settle into the cabins; lunch
1.30 pm - 5.30 pm Spanish classes
Evening Dinner
8 pm Night excursion at the lagoon, to see different nocturnal animals and birds


Time Description
6.30am Breakfast
8am - 12am Spanish classes
12.30pm Lunch
Afternoon After lunch we will visit the Capibara path. This is an adventure trail around wetlands. During this trip you will see palm trees and many birds which are not seen in other places in Ecuador
Evening Dinner


Time Description
6.30 am Breakfast
8 am - 12 am Spanish classes
12.30 am Lunch
Afternoon After lunch we will visit the Socali path, characterized for a variety of different jungle lands. This path is used like an introduction trail to learn about the flora and fauna that can be found in the different types of forest
Evening Dinner and relaxing


Time Description
6.30 am Breakfast
8 am - 12 am Spanish classes
12.30 pm Lunch
2 pm - 6.30 pm After lunch we will take the motor boat to cross the borders of our reserve and visit an indigenous family of the Quichuas who form part of the local community. The guide will talk to you about the traditions and customs of these communities, after which we will return to the lodge for dinner
Evening Dinner and relaxing


Time Description
6.30am Breakfast
8am - 12am Spanish classes
12.30am Lunch
1pm - 3pm During this last afternoon we will spend time with the local guides learning how to use the blowdart. This is an instrument used for both self defense and hunting by the native communities of the amazon
4 pm Departure for Coca
Evening in Coca Dinner and departure to Quito on the night bus