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Our suggestion

We want to help you get the most out of your study experience! That is why for the Study on the Coast Program we recommend that students complete a two weeks' Study Program in Quito or are already on an Independent User level of Spanish or higher.

Study Spanish on the coast!

We want our Study in the Jungle and Study on the Coast programs to be a great way to combine our Spanish classes with socially and ecologically responsible, exciting and fun experiences in Ecuador! Our teachers do not only teach Spanish in their classrooms, they take you to the awesome beaches of the Pacific, help you out whenever the need arises and go along on excursions and activities!

Study Spanish with Vida Verde Spanish School at the Rio Muchacho Organic FarmThis 5-day program combines our Spanish classes with a stay at the Rio Muchacho Organic Farm at the Ecuadorian Pacific Coast. Rí­o Muchacho now plays an important role in Ecuador in demonstrating alternative methodologies to conventional agriculture, for example: Biogas, solar power, composting systems, water recycling, reforestation, permaculture and eco-tourism are being applied and researched. There is a myriad of fascinating things about nature to explore!

This 5-day Spanish program with Vida Verde takes place in Puerto Lopéz at the hostal Monte Líbano. You have the unique opportunity to study spanish at the Ecuadorian Pacific Coast!

Isla de la Plata, sometimes referred to as the local Galapagos Island, is within easy reach.