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A desire to go beyond tourism...

One of the most rewarding experiences Ecuador has to offer is volunteering. It is a great way to experience the culture and language while giving back to those who welcomed you to their country. Many of our students have chosen to volunteer one way or another, be it in combination with Spanish classes at Vida Verde or after a study program. Vida Verde has many connections in Ecuador and we are happy to offer our assistance in finding a suitable volunteer program for you! The this list is a selection of non-profit organizations we recognize.

Rí­o Muchacho Organic Farm and Environmental SchoolThe Rí­o Muchacho Organic Farm is located in the Rí­o Muchacho valley on the Ecuadorian coast 30 km north of Bahí­a de Caráquez. The farm is located 8 km inland. Rí­o Muchacho now plays an important role in Ecuador in demonstrating alternative methodologies to conventional agriculture for example: biogas, solar power, composting systems, worm culture, water recycling, reforestation and forage systems, permaculture, organic farming techniques and environmental tourism are being applied and researched. In their local environment school, the neighbouring farmer's children, students from all over Ecuador and farmers themselves learn about sustainable agriculture and lifestyle!