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Learn Spanish at Rio Muchacho!

Is volunteering to much of a comitment? Our Spanish Programs on the coast offer you an exciting alternative! At Rio Muchacho, explore the organic farm, make chocolate and learn about many more eco processes and enjoy Spanish classes with a Vida Verde Spanish School teacher!

What are the requirements?

  • at least a few weeks traveling experience in Latin America
  • at least a basic level of Spanish
  • know what it means to live in rural areas
  • have some experience in working on farms or in education
  • have health insurance

Would you like to volunteer?

Rio Muchacho Organic Farm

Rio Muchacho: volunteers and farmersRí­o Muchacho is not only a farm. It is an example of sustainable agricultural production and a demonstration of the use of alternative energies and technologies. The influence of Rio Muchacho reaches far beyond the compounds of their farmland. In the City of Bahí­a de Cáraquez a Rio Muchacho initiative successfully implemented is the paper recycling process. Thanks to recycling and other similar projects, Bahí­a is now Ecuador's first "ecociudad" - eco-city. Ecuadorian/New Zealand couple Dario Proaño and Nicola Mears, the founders of Rio Muchacho Farm however want more than instant success. That is why they also invest in environmental education - in their own Environmental School as well as in Baí­ha. Amongst their audience are whole school classes, students of all ages and from all over Ecuador, environmentally-aware tourists, children of the neighbouring farms and even the farmers themselves. The farm invests heavily in public environmental programs and does not receive support from foundations or government. Rio Muchacho can maintain this level of operation only thanks to eco-tourism.

Rio Muchacho Environmental School

Rio Muchacho Environmental SchoolIn 1993 the founders of the Organic Farm together with the community of Rio Muchacho created Ecuador's first environmental primary school. The aim of the school is provide a good broad education and raise students awareness on environmental issues. Supported by parents and the organic farm, tourists, friends, family and volunteers the school fosters an understanding of how future generations can manage their natural resources sustainably.

What volunteers do

Volunteers at Rí­o Muchacho work in agriculture, education and eco-tourism, and have a schedule similar to the family's and farm workers' schedules. The following is an overview of some of the tasks:

  • nursery work, sowing seeds, filling bags
  • reforestation work, planting, weeding, mulching, staking, pruning
  • creation and maintenance of vegetable gardens
  • compost making
  • planting, harvesting crops
  • work in the environmental school: teaching English, art, sport
  • help in the preparation of food ( especially if you are interested in learning about local food)
  • making banana circles
  • simple construction and painting
  • artwork, translating, preparation of info and materials for the school
  • preparation for groups of visitors (groups of farmers from different parts of the country sometimes stay over night)
  • feeding and caring for the animals
  • feeding worms and separating worms from the humus
  • weeding and applying liquid fertilizer
  • planting sugar cane